Alter Ego Sweets

I started Alter Ego Sweets because I love to bake, and I especially love to bake for other people and for groups. After years of being told, “You could sell these!”, I thought – why not?

My priority is highest quality ingredients, locally owned and produced whenever possible. Happily, these two often coincide, as Sonoma Valley and the surrounding areas offer so many fine products.

I also choose organic whenever possible. I use local pastured eggs and butter, and hand-craft every single pan of decadent bars. Unexpected flourishes take my treats beyond ordinary.

My Alter Ego Sweets treats are rich, dense, and made with the best ingredients. Perfect for that occasional indulgence, it only takes a few bits to satisfy your craving.

How can I treat you? Let’s connect. I love to bake for parties, events. or just because you want something fun to eat at home. I also do pop-up bake shops, wine pairings, tasting events, or whatever we can come up with!