I have been a practicing massage therapist since 1993.  I am proficient in a variety of massage styles; the most important thing I know is that I need to listen to you and pay attention to your body so that I give you the massage that is right for YOU.  I can can give a very relaxing, light touch massage; very deep, therapeutic work; and anything in between.  It all depends on what you need.

What people have said or written to me after their massage:

“Thank you so so so much for the massage.  I swear I have not slept this comfortably in MONTHS.  You have very magic hands.  Thank you!!”   C.W.

“I don’t know what I would do without your healing.”  S.T.

“Thank you sooo much for the massage; you are the best!  I am still soo relaxed.   See you in two weeks!”  Y.C.

“Your massage is deeply nourishing, like Indian food.  I have this warm feeling inside afterward of it continuing to work on and nourish my body.” J.W.

“I’ve never had a massage like this before.  This is the best!” G.C.

“I am so blessed that you are my massage therapist.  You really are so intuitive.” J.B.

“Carol, you give the best massages in the world. Thanks for all the pain free days.” P.F.

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I accept clients by personal referral only. Please tell me how I know you, or who referred you to me, when you get in touch. Thank you!


One hour $100

90 minutes $140

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